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YBS . Consumer digital vision & core capabilities concept
Yorkshire Building Society Yorkshire Building Society Yorkshire Building Society
London . Leeds
Brief: Design the future experience for mortgages, savings & wealth
Manager UX & Interaction Design
UX deliverables: Capture the current state, research trends & identify opportunities; discovery workshops; construct a 'storyscape' to illustrate an organising idea delivering a multi-channel, compelling future experience through brand strategy, user journeys and new system capabilities
Methodology: Concepts & requirements relayed directly to team through conversations, scamping & notes
Working with Account Director, Senior Interaction Designer, Senior Strategist, Graphic Designers, Copywriter, Developers, Product Owners, Stakeholders and client Experience teams
UX involvement: 60 days
Logitech . Support site redesign for web & mobile
Logitech support Logitech support Logitech support
London . California
Brief: Improve global support & self-service across mobile, tablet & web
Principal IA & UCD
UX deliverables: User testing; create personas, multi-channel journeys, sitemaps, flows, wireframes & storyboards; improve signposting, registration & log in processes; re-design content structure, site navigation and search functionality, reducing the need for manned call centres
Working with Technical Director, Stakeholders, Development team, Product Oowners and regional Support teams
UX involvement: 52 days

Result: 82% fewer calls
Unilever . Global mobile solution for all Unilever brands
Unilever global mobile solution Unilever global mobile solution Unilever global mobile solution
London . New York
Brief: Global white label mobile solution for all Unilever brands
Principal UX
UX deliverables: Create a responsive, adaptable suite of templates and modules for mobile devices, to help Unilever brands implement a consistent look and feel around the world; single sign-on solution, sitemaps, storyboarding, wireframes and technical specifications for development
Working with Account Directors, Account Managers, Team leads, Development Directors, Development teams in the US & India, Implementation & support teams, Stakeholders, Product Owners, Brand Managers, and external Agency leads & teams
UX involvement: 85 days
HSBC . Full personal banking service for mobile & ATM
HSBC mobile & ATM HSBC mobile & ATM HSBC mobile & ATM
London . Mexico City
Brief: Design a secure, full personal banking service for mobile & ATM
Lead UX Architect
UX deliverables: Multi-channel journeys, sitemaps, flows, wireframes, storyboards, app maps & presentations; navigation & signposting; improve registration & log in processes; enable a consistent cross channel experience with shared data & simultaneous activity in both channels
Working with Stakeholders, Product Owners, Translators, Account Director, Project Managers, Art Director, UX & Design teams, Copywriters, Development teams
UX involvement: 50 days
HSBC . Helping customers find, use and save relevant tools & information
HSBC myPlan HSBC myPlan HSBC myPlan
London . Hong Kong
Brief: Facilitate engagement with wealth management to help drive conversion
Senior UX
UX deliverables: Concept storyboarding & wireframes for a solution with the ability to search, find & save tools, products and relevant, useful information for new & existing customers; prototypes & technical specifications
Working with Stakeholders, Product Owners, Project Managers, Art Director, UX Manager, Design team, Copywriters, Development team
UX involvement: 45 days

Result: Unchanged after 4 years on the site...
Microsoft Technology Centre . Complete redesign of software service
Axiom Axiom Axiom
MTC . Reading
Brief: Enable telecomms providers to create service packages
Principal UCD
UX deliverables: Working prototype with access to full catalogue of functionality & library of base services
Methodology: Design, build & animation of interfaces in Silverlight; working directly with developers to add back-end functionality
Working with Project Manager, Development teams
UX involvement: 15 days



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aufbau is involved in all aspects of ux, specialising in multi-channel
information & interaction design for global audiences


aufbau maps business requirements to the needs of the user
and delivers solutions that are perfect for both


[ ' aufbau ]   a German word
n. construction, reconstruction; structure, superstructure
v. to architect or design with an implied order or methodology
v. to build or construct according to that design

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the aufbau principle


recently aufbau has become associated with atomic theory,
where the principle defines the order in which electrons fill
orbitals in atoms as protons are added one by one to the
nucleus to build up the elements

this principle is mirrored by aufbau to help solve complex ux problems :)


pixel perfect . very organised . good fun

award winning, multi-lingual lead information architect,
user experience & interaction designer with a portfolio
of international clients and multi-channel projects


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User testing



Paper . Pencil
Photoshop . Illustrator
Bootstrap . Axure

all mixed with a little knowledge, vision, creativity and time...

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Conran Group
Design Bridge
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The Bio Agency
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